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Our Products and Services

Soil / Compost
Ideal for
General Description
Garden Soil
Flowerbeds, Vegetable Gardens
Premium soil mix designed for flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, and more. Contains compost, sand, and clean, screened topsoil. Can also be used as a top dressing for your lawn.
Alamo Gro Compost
Lawn Dressing Soil Amending
SAWS Class A biosolids compost. Great for top dressing lawns or amending any type of existing soils.
Lawn Dressing
Lawn Top Dressing
50/50 Mix of Sand and Compost. Aerates and feeds Soil.
Fill, large coverage areas
Inexpensive, unaltered topsoil from old farm land. Economic choice for many landscaping applications.
Manure Compost
Garden Soil Amendment
Premium Horse/Cow Manure Compost. Great for amending both Flower and Garden beds.
Screened Topsoil
Large Coverage
Topsoil that has been screened to a half inch and smaller.
Custom Mix
All Landscape Applications
3 way mix of Screened Topsoil, Sand, and Compost. Great for turf establishment, grass sodding, and top dressing.
Ideal for
General Description
Application Rate – 2" - 4" Deep
Garden and Decorative       Mulch
Composted oak hardwood that has a natural dark brown to black color that last and last. Partial compost is blended in for nutrient and extra dark color.
Pecan Mulch
Long Lasting crushed pecan shell mulch. Great for keeping smaller pets out of your garden areas. Dark, deep red in color.
Cedar Mulch
Insect Repellent
Finely ground cedar mulch from the surrounding area. Great for all mulching applications. Fresh cut cedar offers oils that help repel insects.
Native Mulch
Economic / Large Coverage
Twice shredded blend of mulch containing wood from an assorted variety of native trees. Great for general mulching purposes.
Dyed Mulches
Decorative/ Contrasting
Comes in both BLACK and RED. Uses an organic vegetable dye that allows the greens from your plants to better contrast your mulch.
Rock / Sand
Ideal for
General Description
Walkways & Driveways
5/8" - dust crushed limestone road base material.
Chop Block,
Bordering flowerbeds, walkways
 Assorted colors and sizes. By the pallet or by the pound.
Oklahoma Flagstone
Landscaping, Walkways, Patios
All Oklahoma stone has warm, dark colors. (i.e. reds, browns) Comes in hickory and multi color.
General Flagstone
Landscaping, Walkways, Patios
Colors include blanca and cream. Great for matching to limestone.